Calgary Olympic Oval Self Guided Tour: Panel 4 - The Building


The Olympic Oval Covers 26000 square metres, which include an activity space of 90 by 200 metres, and is 25 metres high at the centre. The roof consists of 64 intersecting clear spanned concrete arches reinforced with stell web joists. Porcelarized sheet metal covers the arches. More than 21000 cubic metres of concrete were reuired to complete the freestanding structure.

The 400 metre speed skating track encloses two international size ice surfaces (30m x 60m) and is itself encircled by a permanent two lane 450 metre running track, The temperature of each ice surface is controlled independently by circulating brine. Amonia is used to cool the chiller fluid which in turn cools each brine system. Over 180 kilometres of piping runs under the concrete floor to facilitate cooling. Demineralized water is used to flood the oval ice to create the smoothest surface possible assisting the skaters in achieving their best performances. Two ice resurfacing machines are required to maintain the three ice surfaces.

When the ice is removed from the three surfaces, artificial turf can be laid converting the Olympic Oval into an indoor field house, to be used for all field sports.

Other permanent facilities include a pole vaulting and long jump pit, a high performance weight room, a physiotherapy facility, a 110 metre, eight lane sprint track and seating for 2000 spectators. Temporary seating can be added to bring that number to 4000.

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